Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Gender assignment at birth (#2)

Last Sunday, our senior pastor Dr. Jerry Rueb, spoke out against the so-called "Bathroom Bill." At the end of his message, Praying with a Thankful Heart, from Paul's letter to the Philippians, chapter 1:3-11, he said, 

"Love that lasts is love that actually has some boundaries to it. Love that has all discernment. This is love that gets it, love that tells the truth and thinks about consequences to (actions).

"It is not loving to enable someone to continue in a harmful direction when you have the power to stop them. It is not loving to sit and be quiet and shut up when people believe something that is totally false. It's not loving to give in to evil just because standing up might be considered to be politically incorrect.

"And yet I meet Christians who (say), "I don't judge anyone!" That's not biblical. I hope you have more discernment than that. You'd better know the difference between good and evil because we have stuff happening around us that's flat-out evil.

"I'm talking specifically about a bathroom bill that came from the White House to the Justice Department to the Department of Education and threatens our school districts through Executive Order--to lose funds. Title 9. I read the document. It's disturbing to me.

"I'm going to go on record because I know I'm on live stream. This goes--anyone can watch this. I want you to know this is not a political statement and I am not a political hack nor do I get involved with the political side of things. But I can tell you this--I'll make myself very clear. Whenever anyone, I don't care if it's the president or the Congress--if anyone steps over the moral line, they're in MY territory. And I will speak out on it." 

And then he does. 

Listen to his reasoning and his plea at (May 29, 2016) starting at 54:00.

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