Monday, April 11, 2016


"Shooting a documentary on a move of the Holy Spirit is like trying to harness the wind." Clay Banks   (So is writing about it!) 

Two days ago, for a magical 20 hours, the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum overflowed with over 120,000 Christians from 900 churches. It was the Great Awakening of 2016. (Within the first hour, stadium parking lots were full and every space on adjacent streets taken--and still the cars kept coming. After circling several times, Jerry and I drove home and watched the live stream!)

             Great Awakening 2016, Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, April 9, 2016
                   Great Awakenings:

On stage, ceremonies of confession, repentance, and forgiveness included covenants of unity between native American chiefs in full headdress and non-native Americans, between African-Americans and non-African-Americans, between Jews and gentiles. On stage, native Americans in elaborate and colorful costume danced in worship of Jesus.  At one point 120 shofars were blown and then 120 drums of all nations. One rabbi, in symbolic token of a new covenant of unity, gave his show to Lou Engle. Roman Catholics, Orthodox, and assorted brands of Protestants were reconciled. One Roman Catholic leader kissed Engle's feet--and Engle returned the honor.

Charismatic and Pentecostal leaders extended God's call for Christians of all kinds to "fly united," committing themselves to fulfilling the Great Commission to share the gospel of salvation with the world and to complete the translation of God's Word into the language of "every tongue and nation."

In the stands and on the playing field, there was spontaneous singing, dancing, hugging, praying, and instances of salvation and physical healing. Massive spiritual power (God's promised "latter rain") was being released to such a degree that people were being delivered by the thousands all over the stadium from things as varied as stomach ailments, broken bones, cancer, alcoholism, suicidal depression and insanity. 

Later, a row of Afghanistan and other veterans lined up onstage to share how they had lost their hearing in separate incidents from IED explosions overseas and had regained it when strangers in the stands around them prayed for them. A Latino man who had had a brain tumor and been unable to talk until the day before described about his healing. There were even experiences of "collateral healing"--people being prayed for healing of one ailment being delivered from others also and people nearby those being prayed for receiving healing of a similar issue.

The event
was scheduled to run 15-1/2 hours (from 7 AM until 10:30 PM Pacific) but until at least 4 AM, after the Coliseum gates were closed, there were still 20,000 standing on the sidewalks and in the streets, peacefully rejoicing, marveling, and comparing stories. 

Around the country there were related events. In Washington DC some 32,000 pastors gathered at the Washington Monument to confess disunity through arrogance, resentments, jealousies and competition between each other and to forgive one another, committing to unity in reaching America for Jesus Christ.
This was the long-awaited, continuously prayed-for Great Awakening prophesied 110 years ago at the Azusa St. Revival in Los Angeles, led by black pastor William Seymour. (See previous post.)

Called "Azusa Now," it was both the culmination and the beginning of a movement of the Holy Spirit of God like only a few in history. It is prophesied in books of the Hebrew Scriptures like Joel and books of the New Testament like Revelation. It has also been prophesied in God-given words of knowledge since 1906. At the Azusa Street Revival it was prophesied that an even bigger revival would come to Los Angeles in about 100 years.

Since the turn of this century, national prayer leader Lou Engle, co-founder of "TheCall," had visions of stadiums full of Americans willing to "humble themselves and pray and seek [God's face] and turn from their wicked way" in order to receive the promise of 2 Chronicles 7:14 that God would "hear from heaven, forgive their sin and heal their land."

One friend of Engle's got a word that revival would come in 1,080 days. Engle figured out the date: April 9, 2016, the 110th anniversary of the Azusa Street revival. Then a woman phoned Engle to tell him she was having dreams of a huge sports stadium which hosted both football and baseball teams. On the internet she found there was only one such stadium, the L.A. Coliseum. 

Convinced that God had now revealed both the time and the place, Engle sold his house and bought the Coliseum for the day of April 9, 2016. He and the hundreds of thousands praying with him across the country planned a 15-1/2 hour day of prayer, praise, worship, repentance, and reconciliation, a day which they acknowledged belonged to God with an agenda they gave Him permission to override and restructure. The Lord fulfilled and exceeded their expectations, extending the revival on through the night and, as of this writing, into the indefinite future, surely until He comes again. 

Join the thousands hitting "Azusa Now" and "The Call (Lou Engle)" on YouTube and Facebook sites for video clips. Read articles about "The Call" and "Lou Engle" for the prophecies leading up to this literally miraculous revival, the one so many of us have been praying for for so long. 
(12 hours of the actual event)

Lou Engle is a revivalist, visionary, and co-founder of TheCall Inc. For more than three decades, Lou's passion has been to call believers into radical consecration through prayer, fasting and acts of justice. Lou has been involved in church planting, establishing prayer movements and strategic houses of prayer. He is the founder of the pro-life ministry, Bound4Life, and has inspired other justice movements.


  1. I don't consider this to be a good thing, nor a legitimate God-ordained happening. No, no, no! There's quite a collection of heretics involved in that coming-together.
    Listen to Chris Rosebrough's evaluation of last weekend's Azusa event at the Coliseum:

    1. I'm saddened that you don't consider thousands of people worshiping and praising God and His Son, committing their lives to Jesus Christ and/or being healed a "legitimate God-ordained happening."

      There were quite a lot of sinners of all kinds hanging out with Jesus, too. The Pharisees made a big issue about it--but Jesus didn't.