Monday, May 9, 2016

Introducing Sudoku

She's not allowed on the bed at night, although if I'm in it and Jerry isn't, she knows I make an exception.

Friday morning
As Jerry flings aside the covers on one side of me, the cat is marching up the bed to greet me on the other side. She has it all choreographed.

Monday morning
Movement to my right. Covers flipping toward me, the mattress releasing its weight. 

I turn away to snuggle deeper into the warmth which remains and open my eyes--into a mirroring pair of eyes fixed on mine. 

A soft paw extends tentatively toward me, hoping for my reciprocal paw to work its way from under the flannel sheets and curry her mottled pelt.

Tuesday morning

When Jerry moves out of bed I don't move. I don't open my eyes. I feel the approaching steps tug the covers, know when they stop. We both wait, the cat and I. 

Soft pokes. 

I don't respond. 

She uses her words. 


Then her tongue.

I laugh, roll over, and scrub her cheeks. 


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