Sunday, May 8, 2016

Offsetting our wants with their needs (their needs with our wants?)

Offset: something that serves to counterbalance or to compensate for something else.

On my birthday I was of two minds about going to Black Bear Diner for my free breakfast. I knew that with Jerry buying his own breakfast and tipping on both of them, plus paying tax, my "free" meal could cost about $20. In light of the starving people in the world I thought that a misplaced use of our money.

So when I decided to go anyway I prayed for the Lord to let us know of some legitimate ministry for the hungry to which we could contribute $20.

We got into the car and when Jerry started the engine the radio came on to our favorite Christian station--a station just announcing a fund-raising drive for Food for the Poor. All I had to do to assuage my conscience was to call in as we drove and make a donation.

So I did.

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